Practical implementation EM

When governments have accepted the basic income grant proposal we can start with marking products with a digital signiture and set up a microtransaction circuit that identifies people and the basics they need to get with those credits

Digital technology is able to counter the misuse of money for other stuff than the basics and bitcoins or something in that street will lend itself for this challenge

This basically means that not  the people but the money they recieve will be marked which is almost like the bible but not completely

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Raw setup ‘equal’ money

Individually you want to know how much a person needs and set up a system that ensures that someone generates something in return as well, which is good for the human being some mandatory work at least

Examples like bitcoin and how that is on opensource software, easy to use and easy to implement are also interesting to look at

The amount of money a person needs to live is a dynamic model since we still live in a dynamic system that is gonna change dynamically

Some estimates are just fun to play with this artical is cool because its precise and looks at every field carefully to consider spending and how much

My approach is a little more loose though, because this example is really ended on the persuit of the current money system and you basicaly be calculating and planning how much you can spend and so on, although the fields it touches are relevant

Its cool to set of against, because the problem is not that there is not enough money

The problem is that the money isn’t distributed equally and this is due to competition and profit and so on.

Now the thing is to have a system running by that is running next to the russian roulette game that is in place now and it is such a dangerous game because there is nothing else than this.

I call it a game because it is seen that way by those that don’t really feel the pain they are causing and it has been proven thoroughly that people do anything as long as they are safe and sound

example: There is about $820 billion dollars of U.S. currency in circulation; the majority is held outside the United States. About 60 % of the world reserve currency is held in dollars. As a rough estimate use the total of all currencies equal 2 to 3 times the US dollar or $1.6 to $2.4 trillion. This would give about $300 to $400 a person source: (more general)

This means just dividing up the money and for a large part this is an interim solution that will be done one way or another until there is more human beings versus people


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Anatomy of the Cell as Example for a Life Supporting System

Seeing how a Life supporting system operates doesn’t require searching. The human body and all its functions is the exact example of how life support works and since cells in a human body seem to be able to cooperate in such a way that it supports the entire being it is the best example of how a Life Supporting System will operate.

The human body consists of Cells, these cells can multiply and become different things with different functions, just like humans really. Cells have a membrane and to keep it as simple as possible, the cell membrane has reception points and send points to communicate its state of being and to receive messages from other cells.

When a cell sends a distress signal, support is delivered unconditionally as it is seen as something of the whole so an attack or distress in one cell is considered an attack on all.

This principle of one is all works extremely well as we know from the human body and what it can endure and off course not to mention animals and all life that can thrive through challenging conditions.

How can this be applied practically in a society with a life supporting system?

Well first off, humans have to be recognized as a part of the whole and at the same time recognize the whole as themselves – it’s the same thing I write down here really, yet it is this perception of the two as separate that has to go.

One human in distress is life in distress and as a life supporting system the responsibility of each participant in that system is to act upon that.

Now what is the difference between the current system and a system that supports life? In the current system the cells fend for themselves and in some areas cluster together at the expense of other clusters of cells, the response is not to the whole anymore but only to their own cluster or part even though they depend on the whole in the end.

So the system as it exists now has to lift these clusters and open the ears to the rest so to speak. That we are all life is paramount to the part or county or identity we have. Life is without humans there life is paramount to humans.

That this is so is hard to miss, life is being destroyed by the minute and the life that is returned is in the form of a wanted image or identity at the cost of life.

Practically this means that a great deal of established cults and groups have to transcend their groups and place life first – a system will be devised where people simply participate in support of all first and then do what they like besides that.

The solution is so simply that it is easily overlooked, only a matter of priority. I say Life for ALL first.

find out more at:

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The Quality of Equality

We can talk about many things that are wrong in the world, manifestations such as poverty and abuse in many forms to straight murder and deliberate neglect of life and then we can go into these separate manifestations and try to solve them, but will that really solve anything?

It is a crucial point of how real improvement works. If something is a real improvement, it is an improvement that is present throughout everything all the time, treating only a symptom isn’t solving anything for real – the source of it isn’t taken on and the root isn’t taken out so it will grow again.

This is the point of the Equal Money System. We have a system that produces symptoms at a fundamental level. Just like a person that is under pressure and is putting a strain on the physical body experiences problems, we experience problems from the system that is in place.

Since everything we do and how we have organized the World System is through Money, that is where the solution can be created; through an Equal Money System, where the source of the problems lies.

Much like a person that is experiencing stress and obtaining drugs prescribed by shrinks to suppress manifestations that are actually revealing the real problem is how we deal with world problems like poverty, murder, robbery, abuse, neglect in the form of charity and organizations that gather money to ‘treat’ the symptoms.

What is done rather is that energy is rerouted from the initial abuse machine to places that suffer under the processes that take place, the world-system functions exactly like a person that puts strain on the body that goes beyond the limit of physical availability and supply.

That this is so becomes clear in the facts, the numbers, the statistics in what we produces and how much we throw away, the piling of rubble and the dangerously multiplying consumption of fossil fuel and natural resources.

Many people that I ask directly can’t really account for the fact that they do as they do, I mean the main answer is: ‘I do as I do because they do and/or my parents did before me’ in other words: ‘I am not the origin of what I do’ and while that is simply a realization, the question then becomes: ‘what am I doing?’

Technically speaking the definition is a plague for this reason, a virus – they spread without consideration and act as a disease that is consuming the planet at an accelerating rate people do without asking questions.

Real quality is quality throughout, quality as equality that is within and as everything, not something that is in contrast with something else, not something that blinks out, but that which is within and as all, that which lasts and that which is available to everything and to everyone, to all.

For the man or woman that is falling apart through too much strain, the solution is to take a step back and slow down – and for that to be possible, the system that this person operates in has to allow this, a system that allows this will not be based on the stimulation of profit and it will not be based on winning, it will not be based on having qualities while others do not, it will not be based on having while others have not,  it will not be based on these things because such things do not really support the base which gives birth to all qualities: Equality, the quality of life.

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Mind versus Matter?

One thing has become very clear while walking through the Desteni material is that consciousness as it is defined is not real awareness.

Generally it is perceived that the human being is superior because of the ability to think, speak and plan ahead. Also thinking and the development of consciousness has been given much importance within spiritual teachings but also within science in the form of evolution theory.

It is believed that the human being is the spear point of evolution and become more ‘evolved’ as we speak. A famous quote from Descartes is the saying: ‘I think therefore I am’ – on this particular statement Desteni released an interview which you can find here.

It is fascinating to see and realize the extend to which we have come to believe in consciousness and ‘the mind’ and into our thoughts. But lets be plain here, nothing of it is physical, it doesn’t hold anything for real.

Physically we can see that evolution and the development of life on earth has progressed and refined and adapted, but what about consciousness? Is that thinking process that developed or is it rather a reverse of evolution of us metaphorically crawling back into our shells again?

Commonsensically if you look at the entire idea of consciousness and the development thereof to something greater it is impossible or at least a mathematical impossibility. When the universe came to be and however it was, it won’t become more than it ever was and anything that has sprang from the big bang won’t be more developed and in all ways be equal to the physical that it sprang from. It means that 1+1 equals 2 and not 3.

It should have been obvious from the start that the Physical Universe is clearly Here and that with it being physical that it is actually aware as the physical. What is rather strange is that ‘thinking you are free’ or ‘thinking you are aware’ is what has become the definition of these things while in fact they are the very limitation of it in its limited application of ‘thinking’ rather than physically being it itself.

Merely realizing this and looking at to what extend the Human Being has given worth/value and importance to the ‘mind’ and in particular to thoughts gives one a fresh perspective on the current world affairs and the Human condition.

magere_heinSo it is a requirement that you shove consciousness as some kind of greater power as it is actually the greatest slave driver of all time. It is the skeleton with the hourglass and the scythe, reaping what has been sowed as seeds of consciousness, seeds of information that grew exactly as they were programmed and were consumed by the great mind consciousness machine that we are currently part of, a mind machine that eats the flesh from your bones.

What is required for every Human Being is to firstly at least grasp that they are living in a physical universe and secondly to start sorting out their own mess that is created through allowing limitation of the physical through the mind.

From the starting point of realizing self as One and Equal one starts the process of Self realization of All as One and Equal where Equal Money as the principle of Oneness and Equality as a Living statement of Who We Are is Common Sense.

To walk this Self-Realization-Process we need to work together and we require each others support and dedication to educate ourselves and each other until we all stand together as All as One and Equal.

Join to read information about the Equal Money proposal and to participate in development hereof through the forum

Join to read up on all the information that is relevant to the process of self realization: articles, videos and the forum

Join to become part of the living solution of educating ourselves and each other to stand as One and Equal and walk the process of Self-Realization together.

Join to get support and perspective on mind possession and demons

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COEM 9 – Hard Currency

I have walked 26 years in the current money system. Using money, either coins or paper bills or checks. Money is being gathered as the most precious thing there is.

Without having money in some way you are fucked – but if I step back from this way it becomes an interesting construct. We draw money and spend that money, we take a piece from the system and take responsibility for it, the money we draw and spend we are ‘free’ to spend and exactly this construct is what is stimulated and promoted – more freedom if you have the money to buy it.

For accounting purposes money is great and required to keep track of every unit within the system and the ‘power’ it requires – so looking at it this way the ‘having’ part makes sense:  because you need it, only the getting part in the current money system is fucked up because one is put under pressure to make money to survive even if that means partaking in something they don’t really want.

So to make this a simply exercise, what would one do if getting money isn’t a ‘problem’ any more – still many things will be required of you as is required of everyone within a support system, but the main slave driver we created is money as a system that runs on profit and getting money as sole purpose and since that is really an endless road it takes down every single human being in the process of ever expanding profit and currency.

We try to support the money system to prevent it from colapsing, within that showing the conviction that we believe the current money system actually supports us, but by pumping more money into the money system it actually fuels the factory that turns us all into tin soldiers.

The current money system doesn’t support us as Life, we support the current money system as Life while the money system only supports itself at the cost of life and the believe that it is the otherway around is a costly mistake indeed. We are the Hard Currency of the system but how it is portrayed now you first need money to be anything or get anything

see I don’t find money a problem on itself, but the way we have allowed it to exist as something that comes before life simply doesn’t make sense, maybe in times where extreme control over the masses was required out of fear of the masses and also because the ones in control knew they were lying and deceiving so from fear of the group it is a control.

For everyone to live equally we need a system that supports us All and calculates All in. Currently, someone gets born into the system and has to ‘fight’ itself into a position of power – see even that simply mathematical fact: a new being in the world, isn’t recognized. Only after years of brainwashing and schooling wil one be able to have a position and by the time we get that far we ‘ feel’ as if we missed life.

This must ring some bells, but if you were wondering this all your life then take a look at how a system will look like when all life is calculated in, only one thing is to give up and that is the agreed value of money over life.

Stand up for an Equal Money System and Equal Life for all beings and discover Life for real and realize this for All to come.

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COEM 8 – Wiring of the Current Money System

Within the creation of equal money we are eventually looking at a total metamorphoses of the current money system. One main thing that will change completely is our sense of morality, our sense of right and wrong. Many people try to do the ‘right’ thing or make the world a better place through actions against manifestations of abuse in the current system. These ‘heroes’ or ‘right-doers’ are the medicine for the disease, but not the cure – meaning the same manifestations will keep happening such as murder, theft and deception and the world is kept in place by both ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ party.

This way of thinking is a deeply engrained polarity system and has become the platform and starting point for almost anything that we do in professions such as the medical profession, law enforcement and of course the missionaries and religious casts. Not only is this polarity system of let’s call it the ‘savior’-system and/or ‘hero’-system present as starting point within all fields and professions, it is also broadcasted twenty-four-seven through all media from TV series to games.

How is this relevant within the creation of an equal money system?

Let us take an example of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’: a little girl gets hit by a drunk driver and to survive she needs a organ donor, she gets one and lives after the accident. In this example the ‘right’ thing to do is to save the girl because (this is system logic) the girl doesn’t deserve to die as it is the drunk drivers fault which also should be punished, this is justice. ‘The system’ has ‘prepared’ for this accident to happen and saves people that are hit by cars. It will happen again, because the system is set up this way that it can happen. The ‘errors’ in the system as behavior patterns that cause havoc are calculated in and this marge of error is ‘accepted’ as that which ‘can’ (and thus will) happen. Why it can happen and that it happens is because of simple causes like, stress, alcohol, drugs etc. of course there are rules and regulations surrounding these causes, yet only to contain them not to prevent them, because to prevent them would mean real change and that would mean the collapse of the entire system that relies on a polarity system where the ‘wrong’ is made ‘right’, constantly rewriting as if it never happened.

Another example is where people are arrested for drugs, the use of drugs is simple reasons like: distraction, entertainment(boredom), stress and we have regulations surrounding drugs and often some substances are admitted like with alcohol as if that really does something about the stress, where instead it rather supports the system that produces the circumstances since now people will go beyond themselves within mind experiences even when under great stress, simply living of ‘the kick’ of the experience of drugs or alcohol. Drugs is in many countries not permitted at all, but still easily obtained and in those cases it is drugs that is prescribed and patented by pharmaceutical companies that is ‘accepted’ and admitted as a way to ‘deal’ with the stress or other abnormalities that occur under the pressure of the current money system. Again a way to ‘correct’ ‘wrong’ but what really happens is the system that is producing these abnormalities is supported and will enhance as we see in the rise in number of psyche related disorders.

Practical Solution

So within all this, the working against something or correcting something as in a system that thrives and survives on continuously correcting something is a deathtrap where we die in great suffering and pain simply because of groups, fields and professions that are set up against each other and absorb all energy in canceling each other out.

Practically when not participating in either sides or the neutral side, which is also a side which is simply stuck in the middle (so fucked from both sides), we can stop having to live in the future and within prevention of what we fear and actually already manifest and know will happen. So the solution is to create a system that will fundamentally stop generating different right and wrongs, but to have a morality that is based on life where within the very basic operating of the world we value life as that which IS and thusly switch from a morality system based on beliefs to a morality based on actual living. THAT we have discussed what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ already indicates both sides to be present and to be feeding one or the other is no use to the solution of the problem which is the entire system that encases both sides.

The question whether something is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is also asked afterwards and clouds the actual origin of what IS. This question is in the context of asking ‘why’ something happens, but the FACT is THAT it happened and therefore looking at ‘how’ it happened will show the steps to where it comes from as the origin point where there is no right or wrong or neutral and from here one stops the participation in the different beliefs that come after the origin points as different accepted lines of ‘half-truths’ that make up the ‘moral’ /experience.

Eventually looking at something objectively, so seeing the object move with simple mathematical principles brings clarity and comes to a practical solution, the personal involvement and entanglement in events is crucial to look at practically like this because through the creation of events /experience /moral one creates the sum with the outcome of that sum and rarely is the outcome considered in the creation of experience and especially not an outcome that is best for everyone, let alone everything…for All.

So the moral of the EMS is : what is Best for All is what is Right

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